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Kyrus Agency offers a comprehensive approach to public relations that encompasses both TV and podcast media. Our experienced team of publicists will become intimately acquainted with your brand, business, or story to develop and secure interviews in targeted TV and podcast outlets.

We employ three key strategies to achieve top-level media coverage:

  1. News Jacking: Our publicists stay current with industry news, positioning you as a thought leader in your field.
  2. Custom Stories/Pitches: We craft your most newsworthy angles into pitches and distribute them to well-connected journalists or a targeted list of industry journalists.
  3. Industry “Call Outs”: When journalists seek comments from industry leaders on specific topics, we position you for these opportunities.

You might wonder what sets Kyrus Agency apart from traditional PR firms. The answer is our confidence in our results. Every client’s custom package comes with a guarantee, ensuring that the deliverables are clear and transparent.

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FOX News

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Brad Lea – Dropping Bombs

David Meltzer – The Playbook

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