Kyrus Agency

We are an elite PR firm specializing in the UAE and North American markets, dedicated to enhancing our clients’ credibility, visibility, and online presence through exclusive PR placements in the finest outlets available.

We Work With Leading International

Our collaboration extends to esteemed international publishers, fostering innovation and excellence in our work.


Innovative PR Strategies by Kyrus Agency

Kyrus Agency excels in creating narratives that amplify brand value and establish market leadership. They craft unique stories that resonate with audiences, leveraging their expertise to position clients at the forefront of their industries.

Modernizing Public Relations: The Kyrus Agency Approach

Guaranteed Results, Not Just Promises

At Kyrus Agency, we’re revolutionizing the PR industry by guaranteeing results, not just making promises. Unlike traditional PR firms that rely on uncertain pitches, we offer a modern, results-driven approach. Our clients enjoy the assurance of guaranteed placements, ensuring that their investment leads to tangible outcomes. This commitment to delivering what we promise sets us apart and provides our clients with peace of mind.

Organic Impact through Non-Sponsored Content

We believe in the power of authenticity. That’s why the majority of our recommendations for clients involve non-sponsored content. By focusing on organic growth, we help our clients build a credible and trustworthy brand image. This approach not only enhances their visibility but also fosters genuine engagement with their audience. In today’s crowded digital landscape, standing out through organic content is more important than ever.

Precision Planning for Maximum Impact

Precision is key in our PR campaigns. We pride ourselves on our meticulous planning and adherence to set delivery and turnaround times. Every campaign is strategically scheduled, with a detailed roadmap to ensure the most organic impact. Our clients can expect a well-orchestrated release of their content, carefully timed to capture the attention of their target audience and maximize their brand’s exposure.

Why Us ?

We Deliver Results, While Others Leave You Waiting

Kyrus Agency, co-founded by Devyn Tremblay and William Rusk, stands as a beacon of innovation and excellence in the public relations landscape of the UAE and North America. As an emerging PR firm, we’re quickly making a name for ourselves through our fresh approach and the significant impact we bring to the brands we work with.

At Kyrus Agency, we embrace the full spectrum of public relations tools, from press release distribution and press coverage to earned media. Our digital arm extends to comprehensive services such as social media management, content creation, and targeted promotion. Our team is a blend of the finest and most dedicated professionals in the industry, united by a passion for delivering exceptional results.

Our commitment to innovation, combined with our deep understanding of the local and international markets, makes us your ideal partner for crafting PR strategies that not only resonate with your audience but also drive your brand forward in today’s competitive landscape.