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National Press Package

At Kyrus Agency, our press services are designed to enhance your brand’s presence on Google. We ensure that when potential leads, business contacts, or employees search for your name, they’re greeted with high-ranking articles that showcase your brand in a positive light.

This improved Google brand image is instrumental in attracting new leads, sealing more deals, and drawing top-level talent to your company, all while boosting your credibility.

Our approach to public relations is holistic. Our team, comprising seasoned publicists, journalists, and writers, will immerse themselves in your brand’s story to craft and secure compelling, newsworthy stories in targeted publications.

We employ three main tactics to achieve premier media coverage:

1. Trend Hijacking: Our publicists stay abreast of industry trends, positioning you as a thought leader in your field.

2. Bespoke Stories/Pitches: We tailor your most newsworthy aspects into captivating pitches and distribute them to journalists with whom we have strong connections or to a carefully selected list of industry-specific journalists.

3. Industry Spotlighting: When journalists seek comments from industry leaders on specific topics, we ensure you’re positioned for these opportunities. Furthermore, our robust relationships with journalists and publications across 1000+ outlets empower us with the confidence to offer guarantees as part of our custom packages.

What’s the catch & how much does it cost?

At Kyrus Agency, we tailor custom packages to each client’s unique branding needs. Our pricing is comparable to hiring an elite employee for your company, but with a significant difference: you gain access to an entire team of specialists in their respective areas.

For example, our press packages are fully inclusive. You’ll have a dedicated Publicist, an editorial writer, and our journalist connections who will interview you, craft pitches, write articles, and guarantee substantial monthly placements in top press, TV, and podcast outlets.


Why Choose Earned Media?

Earned media is a powerful tool for boosting your Google visibility and establishing your position as an industry leader. It refers to content related to a person or organization that is published by a third party without any payment to the publisher.

The advantage of organic search results is the long-term exposure and credibility they provide, as articles remain accessible indefinitely. Furthermore, brand recognition is enhanced when you display your press coverage on your website, linking your brand to reputable digital platforms.

At Kyrus Agency, our press experts will evaluate your story to determine its potential for placement in prestigious publications. They will conduct interviews, have our publicists review your story, and recommend the most suitable media placements for your brand.

To initiate the process, schedule a consultation with a Kyrus Agency brand executive, and we will develop a custom package tailored to your needs.